2013 Field Training Officer Of The Year

CeliaAmes_FTO OTYCelia Ames was recognized as the Field Training Officer of the Year during the annual employee recognition awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

As a paramedic, Ames, has taken on many training assignments.  She has distinguished herself with outstanding documentation of the training process and progress.  She maintains her training at the highest level with volunteer completion of Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pre Hospital Trauma Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Ames is in the 90th percentile for completed call rate, 90th percentile for total calls completed, and 98th percentile for quality surveys.

Her last sick call was in June of 2011. She takes very seriously the charge to lead by example.

The FTO is one of the most important positions in the Ambulance Division and certainly worthy of recognition. FTOs are charged with taking a new employee or a paramedic intern and molding them into a successful EMT or paramedic. Sometimes the trainee lacks any previous EMS experience and the FTO must teach them everything they need to know.  Often times, trainees come with to Hall Ambulance with previous experience, which can make the FTO job really easy, or really tough.  Make no mistake; the FTO has a tremendous amount of influence on a new employee and their success or failure. 

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