2013 Maintenance Employee Of The Year

JoseVasquez_MaintEOTYJose Vasquez was recognized as the Maintenance Department Employee of the Year during the annual employee recognition awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

As Hall Ambulance has grown over the years, it has become more cost effective to build a maintenance department that includes skilled maintenance workers.  The purpose of having these skilled workers is to reduce the need to contract out repairs to electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems and to handle general repair and renovation requests in-house, thus reducing our overall repair and renovation expenses.

We are fortunate to have Vasquez as our primary skilled maintenance worker.  Over the years, he has always been a very valuable member of the Hall Ambulance Maintenance Department team.  He has always been reliable, responsible, and knowledgeable and has maintained a great work ethic.

Vasquez also carries a positive attitude at all times. Whether it is building a new front porch in the cold weather at Frazier Park, changing rooftop AC filters in the heat of July, or changing out toilets in Boron, he just takes care of business efficiently, professionally, and without complaint.

As the years go by, his skills become more fine-tuned.  He gains new skills and; thus, he saves the Company even more money as the need to call in outside contractors diminishes.


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