2013 Ambulance Division Support Employee of the Year

EddieSearfoss_AmbSupportEOTYEddie Searfoss was recognized as the Ambulance Division Support Employee of the Year during the annual employee recognition awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

Searfoss has distinguished himself through his dedication to improving the quality of paperwork and care provided by EMTs and paramedics.  He has assisted with a complete overhaul of Quality Assurance Practices.  

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will require many changes in the way we do business. Quality care and quality documentation will be more vital than ever as funding for EMS moves from Fee for Service to payments for quality-based activities.

During the last 90 days, there were regular openings on the daily schedule on weekends and holidays. Searfoss has repeatedly altered his work scheduled to make himself available to work whenever needed, and can frequently be heard offering to stay in the system after cleared to Post 1.

The Ambulance Division Support Employee of the Year is awarded to the employee engaged in support activities that helps increase the productivity or quality of service provided by the Ambulance Division.  Eligible candidates include Medical Supply, Training, Scheduling and Quality Assurance.

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