2013 EMD Of The Year

LauraSwank_EMD OTYLaura Swank was recognized as Hall Ambulance’s Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year during the annual employee recognition awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

Swank began her career in 2000, working as an EMT working in the field where she was able to assist in touching and saving many lives.  After a couple of years, she began to pursue her dispatching dream. She is currently certified as an Advanced National Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Kern County Certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher and an Emergency Medical Technician. 

Swank is an example setter while dealing with her thousands of requests for service.  She was able to remain above 100% compliant while performing her EMD skills throughout this year. She maintains her EMT certificate to stay connected with patients and field crews.  This has an enormous benefit in maintaining both admiration and respect for all whom she encounters.

Swank dominated OCD’s monthly Dispatcher of the Month Program in the year of 2013.  She was able to secure this title many times this year.  This program is designed to reward employees who consistently demonstrate outstanding performance in attendance, availability, customer service, compliments, call processing times, EMD compliance, call volume and response time compliance.

It is very noteworthy that Swank did not utilize any sick time for the entire year of 2013.  She is always there when you need her.  Her positive attitude can radiate throughout others around her.

Swank has previously been honored as Dispatcher of the Year in 2006, 2007, and 2009. 

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