2013 EMT Of The Year

RaphaelOrozco_EMT OTYRafael Orozco was recognized as Hall Ambulance’s Emergency Medical Technician of the Year, during the annual employee awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

His career in EMS started as a graduate of the Hall Ambulance EMT Academy.  After a few years in Metro, he relocated to the Taft station where he quickly became known as the “Salsa Man” for his delicious homemade salsa that he frequently shares with the crews.

Orozco is well known by supervisors and schedulers for his willingness to work any shift, as needed, and to make shift trades with other EMTs for just about any reason.

He is also well known for just getting it done around the station. Whether someone leaves dishes in the sink or a dirty ambulance for him, he just steps in and takes care of business.  He tries to help supervisors by making small repairs around the station. 

His hobby is woodworking and last year he and his partner made some furniture from scratch and delivered to a family in need.

His partner, a 20-year EMS veteran, describes Orozco as a man with great integrity and honesty and the best partner he has ever had. 

Selection of the EMT of the year is based on those individuals with good attendance, outstanding work ethic, exceptional morals, great EMT skills, and dedication to Hall Ambulance.

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