2013 Paramedic Field Supervisor Of The Year

MikeZapiain_FieldSup OTYMike Zapiain was recognized as the Paramedic Field Supervisor of the Year during the annual employee recognition awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

Zapiain started his career 15 years ago as an EMT.  He promoted to paramedic and then to paramedic field supervisor. 

He is assigned to the East Kern and has been instrumental in increasing the visibility of Hall Ambulance in the local communities.  He has assisted with placing AEDs in several senior centers in the East Kern and he has offered continuous support of the Boron crews and their annual senior citizens BBQ.

Zapiain is responsible for completing familiarization training for all new field supervisors. His daily duties include staffing a unit as needed in the East Kern and in Metro Bakersfield, completing employee evaluations, coaching of employees for various issues,  monthly equipment audits and logging thousands of miles each year delivering supplies and equipment to the stations.

The Paramedic Field Supervisor job is one of the most detail-orientated jobs in the Ambulance Division and requires dedication, strong values and a determination to help employees execute their daily duties.  The Paramedic Field Supervisor of the Year Award is presented to the employee that best demonstrates his or her ability to help Mr. Hall oversee daily field operations.


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