2013 Paramedic Of The Year

ChrisMcDermott_ParamedicOTYChris McDermott was recognized as Paramedic of the Year, during the annual employee awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

McDermott has been nominated for this recognition every year since he was hired, in 2011.   Time after time, he has been called upon to modify his shift assignment. He never asks why, he simply says to plug him in wherever he is needed.  He is in the middle of shift subs and shift trades all over the West Kern.

In 2013, he completed Field Supervisor training and took the same approach with Relief Supervisor shifts—wherever and whenever.  He has demonstrated the ability to adapt to any work environment.

He ranks in the 90th percentile for completed calls rate; he ranks in the 90th percentile for first-in status; he ranks in the 90th percentile for quality surveys, and has outstanding marks for paperwork.

He is as polite and professional as anyone you will ever work with.  He is currently assigned as a Relief Supervisor in the East Kern.

The Paramedic of the Year is awarded to a paramedic that has demonstrated outstanding clinical skills, teamwork, compassion and dedication to Hall Ambulance Service.

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