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EMTAcademyIndividuals interested in a career in emergency medical services (EMS) can apply for the next Hall Ambulance EMT Academy, starting December 10, 2013.  This unique, entry-level program allows you to get started on a career at Hall Ambulance Service with no previous experience. Academy students are full-time employees, and learn everything they need to get started working as an EMT in the Hall Ambulance 911 System.

[Editor’s note: Recruitment for the December 10, 2013 EMT Academy has closed.  Check our website periodically for future EMT Academy announcements.]

The EMT Academy was developed as an innovative way to train Hall Ambulance’s future workforce to the Company’s high standards.  Individuals with an aptitude for emergency medical services generally have the following traits: adaptability, compliance, conscientiousness, customer focus, response to stress, safety oriented and team work. 

The seven-week program exceeds requirements in state and national EMT program curriculums. Instruction includes classroom lectures on anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, electrophysiology, working around hazardous materials, and treatment of illnesses and injuries. Considerable time is dedicated to hands-on practice of skills including, airway management, CPR, splinting and bandaging, prepping patients for transport, lifting and moving patients, defibrillation, and emergency vehicle operations.

Once the new Hall Ambulance Employee completes the training program and obtains their State of California EMT certificate, they move into the field for an additional six weeks practicing their new skills with another EMT. During the six weeks of field training the new EMT goes from observing an EMT on a Paramedic Ambulance to being that EMT.

Minimum qualifications to apply for the Hall EMT Academy include: 21 years of age or above, high school diploma/GED, valid Class C California Driver License, good vision, ability to lift up to 75 lbs, willing to work all assigned shifts, no felony convictions, and a strong desire for a career in emergency medical services (EMS).

For more information about the Hall EMT Academy contact Hall Ambulance’s Human Resources Department at (661) 322-8741, during normal business hours.

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