In addition to providing life-saving medical care for the people of Kern County, Hall Ambulance has become a trusted community partner.

Each year, Hall Ambulance participates in over 300 events with the intent to inform and educate the public about emergency medical services. Our community education intitiatives are focused on out-of-hospital care, health promotion and injury prevention.

For information on our community programs, call (661) 322-8741.

Community Programs

Hall Ambulance Explorer Post

Established in 1977, the program is open to youths between 14-21 who are interested in a career in prehospital care.

School Ambulance Demos

Each year, Hall Ambulance visits local schools to teach children about ambulances, paramedics, EMTs and dispatchers.

CPR and AED Training

Hall Ambulance is a Community Training Center for the American Heart Association and is accredited to teach Basic and Advanced Life Support classes.
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