Employees Host BBQ for Boron Seniors

photoBoron senior citizens and community members feasted on 90 lbs of BBQ tri-tip and chicken served up by Hall Ambulance Paramedics and EMTs during their annual fundraiser luncheon for the Boron Senior Center on May 29, 2014.

The event, which started about six years ago, was the result of Paramedic Ken Sexton and EMT Donnie Self wanting to do something a little extra for the seniors, who they provide regular blood pressure checks to at no cost.

Expenses for the event were covered through donations from the paramedics, EMTs and paramedic field supervisors station at Hall Ambulance POST 17, in Boron. For them, it is another way to serve the community to which they provide medical aid. As Paramedic Charlie Brown stated, “You can only do good when you go out of your way to build rapport in the community.” The Hall Ambulance crews serving Boron, have certainly accomplished that.

Participating in this year’s event were Paramedic Ken Sexton, EMT Donnie Self, EMT Rick Diaz, and East Kern paramedic field supervisors Steve Prater, Chris Cook and Marlin Coffia.

According to the Boron Senior Center, 85 meals were served, leaving everyone feeling very satisfied.

Hall Fwy. Litter Cleanup Challenge

HAS Fwy CleanupOn Saturday, April 26, 2014, Hall Paramedics, EMTs and support division personnel responded to Freeway 99, not for an MVA, but a tragedy of a different sort—to pick up the litter that trashes our community.

Clean roadways are often times the first visual cue of community pride. With a fleet of more than 80 ambulances on the road, Hall Paramedics and EMTs witness firsthand the bad impression litter tossed by motorists’ leaves on Freeway 99, the major route running through a large portion of Hall Ambulance’s response area.

FwyCleanUp BusOfcTo do their part, approximately seventy Hall Ambulance EMS employees and their families joined Mayor Harvey L. Hall, for the Hall Ambulance Freeway Litter Cleanup Challenge.

In the end, the Business Office won the Golden Trash Can Award with 77.27% participation, entitling them to a year of trash-talkin’ bragging rights.

Afterwards, participants were treated to a delicious picnic BBQ at Centennial Park, where good times were had by all.

CHiPS for Kids Toy Drive


CHP PIO Robert Rodriguez and Darrin Stacey, manager of non-emergency services.

Hall Ambulance Service participated in the California Highway Patrol’s annual CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive on December 6, 2013. Members of the Hall Ambulance Leadership Team donated toys for disadvantaged children over the two-weeks leading up to the event.

Shortly before 5 a.m. with a temperature of 27 degrees, a procession of school busses, tow trucks and a Hall Ambulance filled with toys were escorted by two CHP motorcyle officers, arriving at Motor City GMC at the Bakersfield Automall.

Cheerleaders from Frontier High School and Independence High School were on-hand to help transfer the toys from various vehicles into the bed of several new GMC pick-up trucks.

Hall Ambulance Service is proud of the positive relationship it has with the CHP, both on-scene and in support of community activities such as the CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive.

Cheerleaders from Independence High School formed a human chain to unload toys from the Hall ambulance.

Cheerleaders from Independence High School formed a human chain to unload toys from the Hall ambulance.

Cal-City Clean-up


Helping to pick up litter in CalCity were: East Kern Field Supervisor Mike Zapiain, Paramedic Matt Frields and his son, Ethan, Relief Supervisor James Metzger, his wife, Lisa and their sons Matthew and Tyler, and Quality Assurance Manager Eddie Searfoss and his daughter Elizabeth.

Several Hall Ambulance Service employees volunteered their time to participate in California City’s bi-annual city-wide clean-up, on Saturday, October 5, 2013. Participants included Paramedic Matt Frields and his son Ethan, East Kern Field Supervisor Mike Zapiain, Quality Assurance Manager Ed Searfoss and his daughter Elizabeth, Relief Supervisor James Metzger, his wife Lisa, and their sons Matthew and Tyler, as well as Marlin Coffia’s son, Luke, his friend Isaac Cavazos and Marlin’s girlfriend, Brandee Banda.

The on-duty crews consisting of East Kern Field Supervisor Marlin Coffia, Paramedic James Simpson, EMT Immanuel Holiday, Paramedic Matt Yarbrough and EMT Joe Eastwood, provided additional support.

Volunteers met at the Aspen Mall, where they were given assignments to pick up litter strewn across two vacant lots.  Community service projects such as this are an excellent way for Hall Ambulance employees to give back to the communities they serve. It provides an opportunity for them to engage with the residents in different capacity than when they are providing medical aid.

In appreciation of their volunteerism, each employee received the new Hall Ambulance volunteer t-shirt, which contains each of our service areas with the heading: Taking Pride in the Communities We Serve.

Hall Ambulance Employees Help Clean Up Bakersfield

41 Hall Ambulance employees turned out on Saturday October 20th to help Hall Ambulance Founder and President Harvey L. Hall and his wife Lavonne clean up roadways in Bakersfield.

Hall serving his third term as Mayor has an ongoing project to keep the on ramps and off ramps of Highway 99 clean.

Employees representing all Divisions at Hall Ambulance turned out to help the Mayor pick up 68 bags of trash from the roadways.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help the Mayor should call the Mayor’s office at 661-322-3770.

Hall Ambulance trains coaches and trainers

Ostrom CS 11-30-11

Hall Ambulance Service completed injury and illness training for High School football coaches for the fourth consecutive year. The training is a collaborative effort between Hall Ambulance and the Kern High School District.

Hall Ambulance Medical Director, Dr. Ron Ostrom, prepared the 90 minute lecture that helped trainers and coaches prepare for the 2011 football season. Topics discussed are head injury recognition, proper hydration and overall health of the student athlete.


Hall Ambulance EMTs and Paramedics offer Blood Pressure Clinics

Hall Ambulance Service EMTs and Paramedics recently conducted blood pressure clinics at the Boron and California City Senior Centers. Paramedic Charles Brown and EMT Ricardo Diaz visited with more than 30 seniors in Boron while Paramedic James Metzger and EMT Patrick Hoffpauir  visited with about a dozen in California City.  The checks are a continuing program started by EMTs and Paramedics to better serve the rural desert communities.

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