Employees Host BBQ for Boron Seniors

photoBoron senior citizens and community members feasted on 90 lbs of BBQ tri-tip and chicken served up by Hall Ambulance Paramedics and EMTs during their annual fundraiser luncheon for the Boron Senior Center on May 29, 2014.

The event, which started about six years ago, was the result of Paramedic Ken Sexton and EMT Donnie Self wanting to do something a little extra for the seniors, who they provide regular blood pressure checks to at no cost.

Expenses for the event were covered through donations from the paramedics, EMTs and paramedic field supervisors station at Hall Ambulance POST 17, in Boron. For them, it is another way to serve the community to which they provide medical aid. As Paramedic Charlie Brown stated, “You can only do good when you go out of your way to build rapport in the community.” The Hall Ambulance crews serving Boron, have certainly accomplished that.

Participating in this year’s event were Paramedic Ken Sexton, EMT Donnie Self, EMT Rick Diaz, and East Kern paramedic field supervisors Steve Prater, Chris Cook and Marlin Coffia.

According to the Boron Senior Center, 85 meals were served, leaving everyone feeling very satisfied.

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