Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the year 2012, Miss Kimberly Drennan

kimdrennanHall Ambulance Service, Inc. is pleased to announce our nominee for Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the year 2012, Miss Kimberly Drennan.  Kim has been employed by Hall Ambulance Service, Inc since 2004.  She currently is certified as an Advanced National Emergency Medical Dispatcher, Kern County Certified Emergency Medical Dispatcher.

 Kimberly has earned the honor of EMD of the year because of her dedication towards her career.  She has grown into a valuable asset to not only our company but to our community.  She is able to demonstrate her acquired skills in a calm, compassionate manner. She is able to exhibit a positive work ethic and remain focused while dealing with a multitude level of events.  Kim is able to work positively with all around her.  She routinely receives compliments from other agencies, medical facilities and fellow employees. She is able to promote team work and provide compassion towards those in distress.

As stated in our Mission Statement, Kim always places top priority on patient care.  This does not stop at emergencies.  Kim understands the importance of customer care.   This type of customer care is hard to measure.  She is able to not only provide emergency services for our customers, but she is able to master their needs.  These needs may vary from arranging non emergency transportation, billing, helping stranded motorists or on some days being able to be the person who will solve whatever they may need.  Kim was an example setter while dealing with her thousands of requests for service.  She was able to remain 100% compliant while performing her EMD skills through out this year. This EMD compliance is outstanding.  Kim plays in vital role in our communications center remaining ACE accredited. 

Our monthly Dispatcher of the Month Program was dominated by Miss. Drennan in the year of 2012.  She was able to secure this title many times this year.  This program is designed to reward employees who consistently demonstrate outstanding performance in attendance, availability, customer service, compliments, call processing times, EMD compliance, call volume and response time compliance. Kim is always there when you need her.  Her positive attitude can radiate throughout others around her.

 The word dispatcher is no longer a term for a temporary employee who cannot fulfill their normal and customary position due to a disability.  But the term now refers to highly skilled, multi tasked caring individuals.  We understand that good dispatchers are hard to come by.  We are proud that Kimberly has chosen to stay with our company and utilize her extraordinary life saving skills.

It is rare to find such a dedicated professional who believes in helping others to the fullest extent. She has demonstrated the skills and calculated determination to be the best she can be for our company and community.  She has earned and demonstrated that her hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.  We want Miss Drennan to be publicly recognized for maintaining and surpassing the Hall Ambulance Service, Inc. standards and the standards of the communities that we serve. For these reasons we are requesting that you recognize and honor Miss Kim Drennan as Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year 2012.

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