Employees of the Year


On May 25, Hall Ambulance presented its Annual Founder’s Awards, recognizing the employee of the year for each division within the Company.  In addition, the President’s Award for Customer Service was presented to EMT Vladimir Dragosavlevich, and the Founder’s Award for Management Excellence was presented to Jenny Ramirez, director of HR.

Congratulations to Hall Ambulance’s Employees of the Year:

Paramedic Shrey Patel, relief supervisor
Paramedic of the Year

EMT Felipe Hernandez II
EMT of the Year

Paramedic Armando Lazaro, field supervisor
Field Supervisor of the Year

Paramedic Rod Castillo, relief supervisor
Preceptor of the Year

EMT Ricardo Hernandez Cervantes
Field Training Officer of the Year

EMT Everett Sutton 
Hall Critical Care Transport Employee of the Year

Chase Wooten
Supply Technician of the Year

EMT Krystal Barboza
Support Staff of the Year

EMD Julianne Solano
Dispatcher of the Year

Teresa Steiner
Finance Department Employee of the Year

Krystal Mascarinas
HR Employee of the Year

Angelina Montalvo, Prebiller
Business Office Employee of the Year

Scott Benskin
Maintenance Technician of the Year

Larry Sims
Maintenance Detailer of the Year

Emilio Duran
Hall Commercial Vehicle Service Top Producer

Miguel Garcia
Hall Commercial Vehicle Service Employee of the Year



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