Hall Ambulance crew reunited with cardiac arrest survivor

Hall Ambulance Paramedic Jeff Perkins and EMT Mike Hilliard along with Bakersfield Fire Department staff were reunited with sudden cardiac arrest survivor Ron Klawitter on Wednesday morning.

Former Hall Ambulance employee Ron Klawitter and his family meet with Harvey Hall, The Paramedic Ambulance crew and Bakersfield Fire personnel.

Harvey L. Hall, Founder and President of Hall Ambulance facilitated the meeting. For Hall and Klawitter it was a walk down memory lane. Klawitter worked for Hall in the 1970’s and the two shared fond memories of days when they worked out of Tech 1, Hall’s first Cadillac ambulance.

During the event, Hall stressed the importance of someone in every home learning CPR. “It is because Ron’s wife knew CPR that my friend is here with us today” said Hall.

Klawitter suffered a sudden cardiac arrest on July 5th. His wife Jan, a CPR instructor, called 9-1-1 and then performed CPR until the Hall Paramedic Ambulance arrived two minutes later. Paramedic Perkins defibrillated Klawitter and was then assisted in resuscitative efforts by Bakersfield Fire Department Engine 7.

Klawitter gave thanks for his survival to his wife, the Hall Ambulance crew, the Bakersfield Fire crew and the 9-1-1 dispatcher.

Hall Paramedic Perkins said “This is a great example of a system of care that worked just as it should have”. He went on to add “If more people knew CPR, I think that we’d be celebrating many more of these great recoveries”.

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