Hall Ambulance Employees honored by California Ambulance Association

The California Ambulance Association (CAA) honored several employees including Harvey L. Hall, Founder and President of Hall Ambulance with Stars of Life at the CAA’s annual recognition event. The event is an opportunity for the CAA to recognize EMTs, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Dispatchers, Nurses and others affiliated with providing ambulance service for their efforts during the last year. Along with a dinner featuring a keynote address by Dr. Howard Backer of the California Emergency Medical Services Authority, the Stars got to tour the capitol and meet with several legislators.

Hall employees honored by the CAA included,

Harvey L. Hall for his continued commitment to quality service and employee recognition.

EMT  Tamera Wilson for her efforts to assist a choking child.

EMT Mike Hilliard and Paramedic Jeff Perkins for their efforts to save a cardiac arrest vistim.

EMT James Bradbury for his efforts in support of the Hall Explorer Post and other community events.

EMT Eileen Navarro, Paramedic Tanya Johnson, Flight Paramedic Shawn Perryman, Flight Nurse Heidi Woods, and Pilot Steven Lewis for their collective efforts to revive a cardiac arrest victim.

Critical Care Nurse Kerry Monk for her outstanding customer service skills and dedication to her job.

The CAA recognized 43 Stars from across the State during this year’s event.


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