Hall Mascot a Boy’s Best Friend

‘Siren the Rescue Dog’ Toy Stays With Boy Through Multiple Brain Surgeries. 

9094614580_baf2d163e9_bWhen Jacob Vigil was a 4 year-old-boy, he had a chance meeting with a Hall Ambulance crew who would introduce him to a life long companion; a companion who would be at his side through multiple harrowing brain surgeries. Jacob’s parents noticed him having problems standing, and sought help at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, where he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain. Hall Ambulance was called in to transport the child to a Los Angeles Hospital for treatment he could not receive locally.
Upon meeting Jacob and his parents at the hospital, the Hall paramedic team presented Jacob with a stuffed animal, Hall Ambulance’s Mascot, Siren the Rescue Dog. Jacob was quick to bond to Siren, and changed his name to Rocky. Rocky would accompany Jacob not only on the trip to LA, but was at his side through his first of many surgeries. Never leaving his side, Rocky accompanied Jacob and his family on outings to Leggoland, Disneyland, and a Dodger game. During the course of the next few years, Jacob would have three more surgeries, and Rocky would be constantly at his side.
Fast forward to one fateful evening in May, when Jacob would leave Rocky behind while out, and not remember where. Not being able to9094604404_1b88687843_b find Rocky, Jacob was devastated. Jacob’s grandmother called Hall Ambulance Service, explained her situation, and a special reunion was scheduled. When Hall Ambulance Founder and President, Harvey L. Hall heard about Jacob’s loss, not only was he presented with another Siren stuffed animal, but he received the gift from the actual Hall Ambulance mascot, Siren the Rescue Dog. Hardly able to believe his eyes, Jacob was all smiles being able to spend some time with Siren, and tour the Hall Ambulance that brought his new best friend to him.
Since introducing Siren the Rescue Dog to Kern County in 2004, he has touched the lives of tens of thousands of children at schools and community events. Several thousand young children who have been transported by Hall Ambulance Service have received a toy Siren the Rescue Dog to help make them feel more comfortable while being cared for.




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