Hall Ambulance Memorial

On April 12, President & CEO Lavonne C. Hall unveiled the new Hall Ambulance Memorial, a half a block west of the intersection of at 21st & O Streets in Bakersfield, California.

Whether their passing occurred while on duty or away from work, Hall Ambulance has felt a desire to honor their life and work contributions by placing a marker with their name in the Hall Ambulance Memorial Garden.  It served as a place for quiet reflection and remembrance of the fallen for many years.

As the Company approached its 50th Anniversary last year, plans were made to renovate the memorial to pay proper tribute to past and future employees.

The design of the new Hall Ambulance Memorial is grand in scope, made of blue pearl granite and stone, and will serve as a fitting tribute to all.  The cornerstone feature is a St. Bernard water fountain placed in the Memorial Garden following the passing of Founder Harvey L. Hall in 2018.

Attending the unveiling ceremony were Hall Ambulance employees and leadership, along with family members of those whose names have been inscribed on the new memorial.  COO John Surface welcomed the gathering while Tom Touchstone, Pastor of 911 at Ease Kern County, delivered touching remarks and prayer.

The Hall Ambulance Memorial project team consisted of Mark Corum (design), Terry Adams (architectural plans and construction manager), Scott Benskin and Ricky Hammersley (construction), and Bell Memorials (granite and bronze lettering).

The Hall Ambulance Memorial will serve as a fitting tribute for generations of Hall Ambulance Employees to come.

Fallen employees whose names are inscribed on the Hall Ambulance Memorial:

Sandy Newby
05/04/1956 – 06/08/1981

Tom J. Hvizdos, EMT I
Assistant Operations Manager
08/18/1956 – 01/28/1988

Kenneth Johnson
Medi-Van Driver
11/10/48 – 07/20/2002

Edwin W. Bauder
Paramedic Intern
02/01/1964 – 06/25/2003

Andrew Joseph Green
Paramedic Field Supervisor
05/02/1978 – 05/03/2007

Penny Vest
05/16/1951 – 09/06/2007

Edward Searfoss, EMT-P
Director of Quality Assurance
07/08/1979 – 06/06/2014

Dorothy McGee
Contracts Coordinator,
Business Office
07/09/1950 – 08/20/2016

Lawrence Mundschau
01/14/1961 – 11/25/2017

Harvey L. Hall
01/05/1941 – 05/19/2018

Breeanna Ledesma
Medical Supply Technician
08/03/1998 – 09/24/2018

Heather Taylor
09/09/1974 – 12/17/2019

Fransue Pratt
Medical Supply Technician
01/08/1976 – 01/14/2021

Eric Calderon
05/08/1984 – 08/04/2021

Trenton Jones
03/12/1999 – 11/20/2021




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