Hall Ambulance Opens New Station in Lamont

On Wednesday May 16th, Harvey L. Hall was accompanied by his wife Lavonne, more than 30 employees and more than 30 residents of Lamont as he opened the new Lamont ambulance station.

Hall Ambulance has served the Lamont community since 1974.

The new station sits on the same ground as the previous station which was a rental property owned by Mel Houston. Mr. Hall acquired the property last year. The Houston family was present at the opening and Mr. Hall encapsulated a small piece of the old building to honor his relationship with the Houston family.

Among the many in attendance were all of the EMTs and Paramedics that will enjoy the new facility which is full of state of the art amenities. The station was built to allow for growth and the addition of another crew.

Mr. and Mrs. Hall were joined by members of the Lamont Chamber of Commerce, local politicians and public safety officials and employees  for the ribbon cutting ceremony.


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