Hall Ambulance Seminar to Address Sports Injuries

High School sports programs are a great way for teens to stay healthy and introduce them to important team building skills. But, according to Dr. Ron Ostrom, Medical Director of Hall Ambulance Service, “There are definite risks to pushing the limits of endurance, strength, and speed”. Ostrom added that “Neurological and heat related injuries are an all too common occurrence on the playing field”.

To address these potentially life threatening issues; Athletic Directors, Coaches, and Sports Trainers of local schools have been invited to participate in a sports medicine update being offered by Hall Ambulance Service. This year, we are pleased to offer an invitation to local members of the sports media to join us for this important and informative presentation.

Please join Harvey L. Hall, President and Founder of Hall Ambulance, and Dr. Ron Ostrom, Medical Director:

Date: Wednesday, September 1st
Time: 11:30 am
Location: Hall Ambulance Community Center – 1031 21st Street, Bakersfield

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