Hall Critical Care Transport Receives International Accreditation

Hall Critical Care Becomes The Eighth California Service To Receive Prestigious Recognition

On April 6, 2013 The Board of Directors of the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS) approved the application for accreditation for Hall Critical Care Transport (CCT). The Commission believes that the two highest priorities of an air or ground medical transport service are patient care and safety of the transport environment.

Hall Critical Care Transport becomes the eighth medical transportation provider in California to receive this internationally recognized accreditation.

The accreditation comes after a three part review process of the Hall Critical Care Transport operation, including:

  • an intense self-inspection according to CAMTS guidelines
  • a thorough review of the application by the CAMTS staff
  • an onsite evaluation consisting of CAMTS evaluators spending several days going over every aspect of the Hall CCT operation

The 21 members of the CAMTS Board of Directors then took action to approve the application for accreditation. Some of the items reviewed during the process included capabilities and resources of the service, communications, safety, training, community outreach, mission types, and maintenance.

Hall Critical Care Transport Founder & President, Harvey L. Hall, said “This accreditation validates the work everyone does every day to make Hall CCT a premier provider of medical transportation services.”  Hall CCT provides ground and air critical care transport services, and is an integral part of the Hall Ambulance Service family. Hall Ambulance Service Inc. has been serving the medical transportation needs of Kern County residents since 1971.

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