Hall Fwy. Litter Cleanup Challenge

HAS Fwy CleanupOn Saturday, April 26, 2014, Hall Paramedics, EMTs and support division personnel responded to Freeway 99, not for an MVA, but a tragedy of a different sort—to pick up the litter that trashes our community.

Clean roadways are often times the first visual cue of community pride. With a fleet of more than 80 ambulances on the road, Hall Paramedics and EMTs witness firsthand the bad impression litter tossed by motorists’ leaves on Freeway 99, the major route running through a large portion of Hall Ambulance’s response area.

FwyCleanUp BusOfcTo do their part, approximately seventy Hall Ambulance EMS employees and their families joined Mayor Harvey L. Hall, for the Hall Ambulance Freeway Litter Cleanup Challenge.

In the end, the Business Office won the Golden Trash Can Award with 77.27% participation, entitling them to a year of trash-talkin’ bragging rights.

Afterwards, participants were treated to a delicious picnic BBQ at Centennial Park, where good times were had by all.

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