Multi-Agency Training Scenario

HallparticipantsOn January 2, 2014, Hall Ambulance Service participated in a joint training scenario conducted by the Bakersfield Police Department (BPD).  The exercise provided an excellent opportunity to test Kern County’s emergency response capabilities during a crisis situation. 

The exercise, which was staged at Bakersfield College, involved multiple incidents occurring over a four-hour time span, and included: an active shooter, hostages, a simulated explosion on a public transit bus and improvised explosive devices set around the campus—resulting in over 50 patients in need of triage, treatment and transport to local hospitals. 

HallCrew1Hall Ambulance Service dedicated nine ambulances, and committed nearly 40 personnel comprised of paramedics, EMTs, two paramedic field supervisors, an on-call administrator, emergency medical dispatcher and public information officer to the incident. 

In addition, the scenario provided an excellent opportunity to use the Hall Ambulance maintained Disaster Medical Services Unit (DMSU). It is one of 26 such vehicles that the state EMS Agency has strategically placed throughout the state to be used in the event of a large scale disaster.

For five Hall Ambulance EMT Academy students, the training proved to be invaluable, giving them their first glimpse at what an actual disaster would look like.

The drill allowed the Hall Paramedics and EMTs to practice working together and with public safety agencies through a MED ALERT activation.  In such a disaster, a concept known as START Triage is employed, which allows the rapid assessment of every patient—placing them into one of four categories: Minor, Delayed, Immediate and Expectant.  The goal in such a situation is to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people.

According to BPD, over 300 personnel from eleven public and private service agencies participated.   

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