Hall CCT


Hall Critical Care Transport provides a continuum of care in sync with our healthcare partners

When a patient’s care requires transport to another healthcare facility with minimal disruption of treatment, Hall CCT is standing by.

Hall CCT offers ground medical transportation services staffed with specialized medical teams, including Registered Nurses, Paramedics, and EMTs who work as an extension of the care being afforded to hospitalized patients.

Hall CCT Ground: Exceptional capabilities for regional transport needs

The capabilities of Hall CCT Ground are conducive to local and regional interfacility transports.  In addition to Hall CCT staffing (RN, Paramedic, and EMT) the spacious patient suite can easily accommodate specialized medical teams accompanying the patient.

Each member of the Hall CCT team has been selected based on their knowledge, experience, and understanding of the needs of a critical patient.

Functioning as a mobile intensive care unit, Hall CCT Ground is equipped with a modern cardiac monitor, multi-line infusion pumps, and a ventilator.



Hall CCT Service Requests
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Toll Free (800) 422-0656



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