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An early pioneer of aeromedical transportation, Hall Ambulance’s first air program was created in 1976 with Hall Air Care Ambulance.  With no cardiac surgical capabilities available at the time in Bakersfield, the fixed-wing program routinely flew cardiac patients to San Francisco, while other medical transports traveled as far south as San Diego and as far north as Washington State.

Hall Air Ambulance

On December 11, 2001, the Company reinstated its air operations program with the launch of Hall Air Ambulance’s MEDEVAC 1, based at Meadow’s Field in Bakersfield.

Since June 2003, Air Methods has served as Hall CCT’s flight program partner, providing operational control and aviation decisions of MEDEVAC 1 at all times.

Hall CCT Introduces Regional Interfacility Transport Solutions

Always on a quest to fulfill unmet medical transportation needs, in December 2009, Mr. and Mrs. Hall ushered in a new era of medical transportation with the creation of Hall Critical Care Transport.  The program combined both air and ground regional interfacility transport solutions.

Hall Critical Care Transport Timeline

  • December 11, 2001: Eurocopter AS355, (N102UM) placed into service
  • June 2003: Changed air providers to Air Methods
  • September 2003: Bell 222 helicopter (N429MA) placed into service
  • May 2007: Bell 407 (N905HA) placed into service
  • December 2009: Hall Critical Care Transport begins operations
  • April 2013: Hall CCT Achieves CAMTS Accreditation
  • May 2015: Bell 407 (N229AM) placed into service
  • September 2017: Ground Unit 460, a Type I International Highliner placed into service
  • April 2016: Hall CCT Awarded CAMTS Re-Accreditation
  • April 2019: Hall CCT Awarded CAMTS Re-Accreditation

Accreditation | Memberships | Licensing

CAMTS accredited since April 2013.
Hall CCT is one of two providers in California to possess Ground CCT accreditation.
Proud Member of the California
Association of Air Medical Services.
Hall CCT is a licensed provider
with the
Kern County EMS Department.


Hall CCT Service Requests

(661) 327-4111

Toll-Free (800) 422-0656

Hall CCT operates 24/7/365




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