Hall Ambulance Medical Scholarships Awarded

HallGradCap LogoSixteen high school seniors from within Hall Ambulance Service’s response area, were recipients of the Harvey L. Hall/Hall Ambulance Medical Scholarship.

The Scholarship is open to graduates interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

Since it’s inception in 1999, 236 students have benefitted from $59,000 in scholarship funds.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients:

  • Austin Gamboa, Frontier High School
  • Deanna Marin, Bakersfield High School
  • Abbigale McDonel, Centennial High School
  • Rose Melara, South High School
  • Gloria Okafor, Taft High School
  • Monica Gonzalez, Mojave High School
  • Hope Green, North High School
  • Hannah Rogers, Frontier High School
  • Cristal Vieyra, Stockdale High School
  • Meishan Chen, Independence High School
  • Jennifer Aguilera, Ridgeview High School
  • Shelby Denike, West High School
  • Alexandrea Villegas, East High School
  • Adriana Graybeal, Tehachapi High School
  • Giselle Lopez, Shafter High School
  • Zulema Uribe, Golden Valley High School
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