Larry Mundschau, Paramedic Supervisor

Homegrown Hero Larry Mundschau overseeing Triage at a Mass Casualty Exercise








Hall Ambulance Service Paramedic Field Supervisor Larry Mundschau went through several jobs after leaving the US Army as a Sergeant, before applying for admission to the Hall Ambulance Service EMT Academy. According to Mundschau, “This was my mid-life crisis complete career change”. After completing the EMT Academy in July of 2007, Mundschau applied for and was accepted into the Kern County Paramedic Program in January of 2008.

Hall Ambulance Service provides the EMT training to individuals with an interest in a career with Hall, with no prior experience required. Mundschau feels strongly that “I am here because this is where God wants me to be”, adding “It’s more than just coincidence”. After spending 15 years in his previous job, Mundschau said “It’s a lot better to get up in the morning and think ‘I get to go to work, not I have to go to work”.

Mundschau is quite happy with his work schedule at Hall Ambulance Service, and appreciates the flexibility that it affords him to spend time with his family. He currently serves as a Paramedic Field Supervisor, overseeing daily operations of the company’s Bakersfield operation. Mundschau said that he really likes the opportunities for advancement afforded to employees at Hall, as evidenced by his own progression through the career ladder.

Hall Ambulance President and Founder, Harvey L. Hall, said that “We made the decision ten years ago to come up with an innovative way to train our future workforce, and our answer was this EMT Academy.” Hall explained “We identify individuals with an aptitude for this kind of work, and then train them for a career with Hall Ambulance, to be our next generation of ‘Home-Grown Heroes’.”

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