Andrea Agredano, Paramedic

Agredano HH 11-30-11

Hall Ambulance Service Paramedic Andrea Agredano likes the opportunities that she has had for advancement since completing theHallAmbulanceServiceEMTAcademyin the summer of 2008. Agredano, one of Hall’s newest ‘Home Grown Heroes’ said, “You get trained to do it. You get paid to do it. Everything is here!”

Hall Ambulance Service provides the EMT training to individuals with an interest in healthcare, with no prior experience required. According to Agredano, “The more I learned in the academy, the more I knew I wanted to become a paramedic”. Agredano said that she really likes how no two days on the job are ever the same.

Since beginning her employment with Hall, Agredano said that this is the first job that she has held where she looks forward getting up and coming to work every day. Stories and hugs from elderly patients are always ahigh pointin her shift. Being fluently bi-lingual, Agredano said that being able to speak to patients in their native language can relieve a lot of their anxiety when they are sick or injured.

Hall Ambulance Service is currently recruiting individuals interested in exploring a career in emergency medical services to apply for its upcoming EMT training academy. Individuals selected to participate are paid a full time salary while attending the academy, including course tuition and fees. After completion of the EMT Academy, sponsorship opportunities are available for the Bakersfield College Paramedic Program.

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