David Bentley, Paramedic

Bentley HH photo

Paramedic David Bentley started his career at Hall Ambulance in October 2001 when he was selected to join EMT Academy class two. The then new program was designed to take job applicants that had no previous Emergency Medicine training and teach them the skills needed to work as an EMT.

Bentley, currently assigned to the Hall Ambulance station in the mountain community of Golden Hills, adapted quickly to his new role of EMT and applied for sponsorship to the Paramedic training program. As a sponsored Paramedic student his tuition and salary were paid by Hall Ambulance with the understanding that Bentley would remain at Hall Ambulance once training was completed.

Hall Ambulance provides a great work environment and really flexible shifts, which has been a plus, having young children” said Bentley who was the first EMT Academy graduate to successfully complete the transition to Paramedic.

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