Human Resources Employee Of The Year

SoniaReyes_HR EOTYSonia Reyes was recognized as the Human Resources Employee of the Year, during the annual employee recognition awards at the February Shift Meetings. 

Hall Ambulance’s recruiting and vetting process for new hires is challenging, time-consuming, and thorough.  While maintaining responsibility for most of her other regular job responsibilities, Reyes was instrumental in reviewing over 3,150 applications for employment, that enabled us to hire 81 new employees at Hall Ambulance Service in 2013.

Reyes had exemplary performance during our EMT Academy recruitment, which took place during the busy year-end holiday season. During the EMT Academy recruitment period that started in October, we hired five EMT Academy students and six new employees in other departments for a total of 11 new hires.  That does not seem like much until you consider that we processed and reviewed over 1,030 applications (including 740 EMT Academy applications) to find those few candidates who meet the high standards necessary to become Hall Ambulance Service employees.

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