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Like others, the events of 2020 might have left you wanting to engage and make a change for the positive. We call it, #MakingMyDifference …for family, community & myself!

When you become a Hall Ambulance Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) you will do just that! You will enjoy a secure career enabling you to take care of your loved ones, help your neighbors, and experience an immense feeling of satisfaction, purpose, and self-fulfillment!

Not already an EMT? No healthcare experience?  No worries!  Careers in EMS start with the Hall EMT Academy. This is not a school, but your pathway to employment at Hall Ambulance. EMT students are full-time employees (earning a training-wage) who learn everything they need to get started working as an EMT in the Hall Ambulance 9-1-1 system, in about 12-weeks.

Training takes place at the Harvey L. Hall EMS Academy, an award-winning training facility, and is comprised of classroom and field time presented in an accelerated format.

Once you have proven yourself as an EMT, take the next step and enroll in the paramedic prep course. On successful completion, you will have the opportunity to be sponsored into the Hall Paramedic Academy. Like the EMT Academy, you will receive paid training (your normal EMT wage) and cost-free schooling.

The words that best describe those who succeed and build satisfying careers at Hall Ambulance are: Decisive, Courageous, Compassionate, Committed, and Resilient.

Our founder, Harvey L. Hall, started Hall Ambulance 50-years ago based on his ideals of Care, Compassion & Community. If your personal values are in sync with these, then we would like to talk with you!

Change the course of your life with a career dedicated to helping others. You provide the drive and motivation, and we will help you navigate your personal career path to success.

The Hall EMT Academy- #EMSCareersStartHere.
Careers in EMS start with the Hall EMT Academy. Recruits are full-time employees who learn everything they need to get started working as an EMT in the Hall Ambulance 9-1-1 system. The Hall EMT Academy is comprised of classroom and field training in an accelerated format. Upon completion, you will have received your state EMT certificate and be ready to begin building your career at Hall Ambulance.

fasttrack ladderAn EMT’s core responsibility is the safe handling of driving an advanced life support or basic life support ambulance to requests for medical aid– including driving CODE 3.

On-scene, an EMT assists the paramedic with patient assessment, administering oxygen, spinal immobilization and preparing the patient for transport to the hospital.

Company-sponsored Paramedic Training
Once you have proven your skills and dedication as an EMT, you may be eligible to apply for Company-sponsored paramedic training at the Hall Paramedic Academy. Hall Ambulance will pay your tuition, and you will get paid for your hours in the classroom so that you can fully concentrate on your coursework, clinicals, and field instruction.

Advance Your Career by Becoming a Paramedic Field Supervisor
A number of opportunities await qualified paramedics who are interested in furthering their career at Hall Ambulance Service. This includes working to become a paramedic preceptor, or taking the first step into leadership as a relief paramedic supervisor before becoming a full-time paramedic field supervisor. Beyond that, Hall Ambulance often looks to recruit from within for management positions as they become available.




Here's My Story: Marlin Coffia

From Working Retail to Paramedic Field Supervisor in Four Years.
Hall EMT Academy Graduate

Marlin Coffia spent many years working in retail, but longed for a stable career, with a paycheck that his family could count on, while doing something his family, friends and he could be proud of.

As far back as high school, he had an interest in the emergency medical services field but never felt like he was in a position to pursue any career opportunities. Marlin was excited when he heard about the Hall Ambulance EMT Academy, just prior to the holidays in 2008,  “I could not afford to independently further my education following high school, so the opportunity to be educated as well as establish a career in EMS was highly appealing to me.”  He went through the application process and was accepted into the EMT Academy.  Soon after, he found himself behind the wheel of an advanced life support ambulance, navigating his way through traffic to emergency calls-often driving CODE 3.  On-scene, Marlin assisted his paramedic partner, often anticipating his needs and working in a seamless manner to deliver high-quality patient care.

Marlin relished in his newfound career.  In just two years, he was provided with the opportunity to attend Company-sponsored paramedic school at Bakersfield College.  Hall Ambulance paid his tuition, and he received a paycheck during the time he was in school.  “There was no way I could have ever accomplished that on my own,” says Marlin, “I have a six-person family, so the finances work schedule, plus time away from family would have never balanced.  Mr. Hall made it happen; all I had to do is have the drive and desire to become something better.”

Upon graduation from paramedic school, Marlin found himself commanding the delivery of medical care for his patients.  An experience that he describes as self-gratifying.  “Being able to make a difference in people’s lives in the short time I have with them is truly rewarding,” he says.

Success comes to those who seek it, and for Marlin, he was given the opportunity to take that next step forward towards leadership by becoming a relief paramedic field supervisor, and in June 2012,  was promoted to a full-time paramedic field supervisor.  “I wanted to help Mr. Hall in as many ways possible because of everything he has done for my family and me.  I also wanted to be in a position that could possibly make an EMT or paramedic’s day better out in the field.

When it comes to advancement and job satisfaction, Marlin feels the sky is the limit at Hall Ambulance Service.  “The Company has always supported me through my accomplishments, every step of the way.  There is no better feeling than having a family at home that is proud of me, proud of what I have accomplished, and proud of what I do for a career.”


Here's My Story: Heather Lee

From Working as a Medical Assistant to Paramedic in Three Years.
Hall EMT Academy Graduate

Heather Lee worked as a medical assistant and for a veterinary hospital but was unable to find excitement in her jobs. She was looking for a challenge when her friend’s husband (an EMT at Hall Ambulance), suggested that she go on a ride-along.

Admittedly, she said that being in an ambulance was very overwhelming at first, “There is so much medical equipment in the back of the ambulance and so many buttons upfront. It was hard to concentrate at first due to the radio traffic from Hall dispatch and the fire and police scanners.” Still, Heather felt starting her career in EMS was right for her.

She started the EMT Academy in June 2005, and upon graduation, quickly got her bearings and taking control of her ambulance. Heather is enthusiastic when talking about her career at Hall Ambulance, “I love excitement and love a challenge—this profession provides both on a daily basis.”

Heather worked in the metro Bakersfield response area for about three years before she was given the privilege to be sponsored by Hall Ambulance for the paramedic program at Bakersfield College. “I am so grateful to Mr. Hall for sponsoring me through the paramedic program. He is such a generous man. With his sponsorship, I was able to concentrate on school completely. It was amazing to not have to worry about working a part-time job to make ends meet while going to school.” She was particularly appreciative of the support she received from leadership, stating, “Mr. Hall provided tutors for us on the days when we did not have school to make sure we understood the material. I knew that if I needed help in any way, there would be someone at Hall Ambulance to provide it.”

Heather worked for six years as a paramedic, before taking the next step in her career—applying for and being promoted to the position of scheduling coordinator. “I appreciate that there is always opportunity for growth and advancement,” she said, “I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be with my life. I feel like Hall Ambulance is where I belong. I cannot imagine working in any other profession.



Here's My Story: Armando Lazaro

From Working as a Medical Records Field Recorder to a Relief Paramedic Field Supervisor in Six Years.
Hall EMT Academy Graduate

Armando Lazaro












Armando Lazaro was familiar with Hall Ambulance Service having grown up in Bakersfield, but got to know more about the Company through his previous job copying medical records as a field recorder. “The concept of no days are ever the same and each call is different is what attracted me.”

He started the Hall EMT Academy in October 2007, which was the first step in starting his career in emergency medical services.  Armando’s first impression of Hall Ambulance was that the Company was well structured and organized.

After working in the field as an EMT, Armando made the decision to apply for Company-sponsored paramedic school at Bakersfield College in August 2009. “I was elated to be sponsored by Mr. Hall for the paramedic program,” said Armando, “Hall Ambulance paid me my hourly wage while in paramedic school and that helped me out financially.”

In every job he has held, Armando always looks to be moved to the next position. After getting some experience as a paramedic, he applied for and was given the opportunity to work as a Relief Paramedic Field Supervisor.

Armando feels good about the fast-track opportunities afforded to him based on his performance at Hall Ambulance Service, “I feel a great sense of accomplishment,” he said, “Hard work, studying and good attendance paid off. I appreciate all the new opportunities Hall Ambulance offers to its employees to move up in their EMS career, from EMT to field supervisor and possibly more.”


The profiles on this page are of actual individuals who started their EMS career at Hall Ambulance through the Hall EMT Academy.  Their stories are meant to serve as an example of what can be accomplished with a career at Hall Ambulance Service, Inc., and in no way are meant to imply or guarantee the success of another individual.


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