Nobody’s Immune from Drunk Drivers

1-FFAdamBickford_ReliefSupArmandoLazaro-DSC_8380Hall Ambulance Service, Inc. hosted a multi-agency news conference on December 17, 2014, to stress the perils of drinking and driving and recognize the efforts of Paramedic Relief Supervisor Armando Lazaro, and Kern County Firefighter Adam Bickford, for their courage and bravery following a vehicle crash caused by an alleged drunk driver.

The event detailed an MVA that occurred on the evening of November 15, on Hwy 119 at Midway Road in Taft. An alleged drunk driver veered into the southbound lanes sideswiping a Toyota Corolla, and then colliding, nearly head-on, with a Hall Ambulance Paramedic Field Supervisor unit.  The emergency vehicle careened off the roadway, rolling multiple times before coming to rest upside down.  Paramedic Relief Supervisor Armando Lazaro, was returning to Taft with Kern County Firefighter Adam Bickford, after assisting on a medical aid transport to Bakersfield when the accident occurred.

IrrespecHALL-MVA-DrunkDriver3tive of their own injuries, the paramedic and firefighter self-extricated and began provide patient care to the driver of the Corolla and the alleged drunk driver.  Both Lazaro and Bickford were recognized by Hall Ambulance Founder & President Harvey L. Hall, for their courage and bravery that they exhibited that evening.

To illustrate the aftermath of a drunk-driving-involved motor vehicle crash, the wrecked Suburban has been placed on display at Hall Ambulance Service and served as a strong visual reminder and backdrop for the news conference.  “We want our employees and the public to see the damage that can be done from such reckless behavior,” said Harvey L. Hall, “It makes it very real when the rescuers become the victims.”

ReliefSupArmandoLazaro2_DSC_8306Law enforcement representatives from the California Highway Patrol and Kern County Sheriff’s Office reminded motorists of the consequences of drunk driving, and that seat belts do save lives—as evidenced by this crash.  Upon seeing the wrecked first responder vehicle, Hall noted, “We could have easily been faced with planning funerals for our paramedic, the firefighter and other victims.  Although they needlessly endured injuries, we are certainly thankful that they survived such a senseless tragedy.”

Representatives from each of the responding public safety agencies made comments regarding the incident and plead to the public in a unified voice, “Don’t Drink and Drive!”

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