President’s Award for Customer Service

CharlesBrown_PresidentsAwardThe President’s Award for Customer Service is awarded to the employee who best exemplifies service in a manner consistent with the expectations of Founder and President Harvey L. Hall. Not every customer encounter ends in life saving medical care. Perhaps we offer nothing more than a ride and some comfort during the customer’s crisis of the day. Make no mistake; every single customer contact is an opportunity for every Hall Ambulance employee to excel at customer service. Whether a businessman in a suit or a homeless man on the street. Every customer deserves to be treated as you would want your family treated. 

This year’s recipient is Paramedic Charles Brown, who is based at the Company’s Boron ambulance post. He started his EMS career more than 30 years ago in Northern California.

He came to Hall Ambulance after leaving his position with the City of Marysville. After a short stay in the Metro system, he bid to the town of Boron.

He will agree that his relationship with Hall Ambulance has not always been the best. Two years ago, Hall personally challenged him to be a better employee. He looked him in the eye and promised Hall that he would do just that. His sick calls dropped, his dry runs dropped, the need for constant reminders by Supervisors of what is expected disappeared. The most important improvement of all came in customer service.

This year, Brown achieved a customer satisfaction rating of .142. His closest competition is at .115. It was Hall’s honor to acknowledge an employee that was open to his coaching and mentoring.

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