Rick Davis, Paramedic

On Christmas Eve 2016 at 4:27 p.m., Paramedic Rick Davis responded to a local grocery store for a cardiac arrest. Upon arrival, the crew located the patient inside the store. An off-duty firefighter was performing CPR.

Rick took control of the scene and continued CPR while deploying See Through CPR. The cardiac monitor showed V-Fib. The first shock was delivered within two minutes of patient contact. Rick started an IV and administered Epinephrine and Amiodarone followed by a second shock.

The patient was loaded and transport started just 11 minutes after patient contact. Another round of medications was administered followed by a third shock. CPR was continued while Rick set up his airway equipment. Before intubation was attempted the patient regained a pulse and started to breathe on her own.

Care was handed over to hospital staff. When Rick returned to the emergency room he was able to speak with his patient as she signed the PCR. Rick’s leadership on scene and his dedication to providing rapid, quality advanced life support care resulted in a woman surviving to spend another Christmas with her family.

Rick started his career at Hall Ambulance in November 2006.


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