Alberto Alvarez & Claudia Andrade

Alberto Alvarez

Paramedic, Field Save

Paramedic Alvarez came to Hall Ambulance in June of 2010 from the South Los Angeles area. Paramedic Alvarez said he was looking for a place where he could use all of his skills as a Paramedic and not just run transfers. Paramedic Alvarez got to use all of his Paramedic skills in November of 2010 when he was dispatched to a residence for chest pain. While Paramedic Alvarez worked through his chest pain treatment plan the patient suffered a cardiac arrest. He immediately initiated CPR, defibrillated the patient, and began to follow his Advanced Cardiac Life Support treatment plan. By the time the crew arrived at the hospital the patient had regained spontaneous circulation and was wide awake. The patient was treated and released from the hospital a few days later.

Claudia Andrade

EMT, Field Save

Claudia began her EMS career in 2007 when she joined Hall Ambulance Service. She was quickly assigned a Metro night shift and remained a valued member of the night shift team. EMT Andrade is being recognized with a Star of Life for her role in the response, care and transportation of a patient that suffered a cardiac arrest. EMT Andrade’s support to Paramedic Alvarez was a key factor in the outcome of the patient. From the time of call to delivery at the hospital only 25 minutes elapsed. The patient was treated and later released from the hospital. EMT Andrade and Paramedic Alvarez were reunited with the patient during a brief celebration in December of 2010.

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