Brad Quintana, Paramedic &
Jeremy Capps, EMT

Hall Ambulance Founder & President Harvey L. Hall, presented Paramedic Brad Quintana and EMT Jeremy Capps with a Company Star of Life, during the October Shift Meetings. 

Quintana and Capps are assigned to the Tehachapi station.  On the evening of August 15, they were dispatched to a restaurant in Tehachapi for a man not breathing. They arrived to find an unresponsive male on the floor with CPR started by a family member.  A BLS Airway was secured, defibrillations delivered an IO established and Advanced Life Support medications administered.  Upon arrival at the hospital, the patient had regained pulses.  The patient was later transferred to a cardiac unit in Bakersfield and a few days later discharged home to family.

Quintana and Capps  worked well as a team in reviving this patient. Their efforts are representative of many Hall Ambulance EMTs and Paramedics. They are a credit to themselves, Hall Ambulance and EMS.

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