David Konieczny, Assistant Manager for Quality Service

Hall Ambulance Founder and President Harvey L. Hall, presented David Konieczny, with a Company Star of Life, during the DavidKoniecznyOctober 2013 Shift Meetings.

Konieczny currently serves as the Assistant Operations Manager for Quality Service.  Some of his duties include overseeing Continuing Quality Improvement activities.  

In mid- Spring several deficiencies were regularly being discovered on patient care records.  Konieczny was responsible for reviewing the issues and preparing a training program in an effort to redirect EMT and Paramedic efforts on PCRs. The training program was nonexistent when he started the project.

In the end, all EMTs and Paramedics attended the training program during the month of September.  This was one of the biggest training programs ever undertaken at Hall Ambulance, and Konieczny’s dedication to identifying the opportunities for improvement and creating a detailed training plan was a credit to himself and Hall Ambulance.


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