Dr. Ron Ostrom, Hall Ambulance Medical Director

Hall Ambulance Founder and President Harvey L. Hall, presented Dr. Ron Ostrom, with the Company’s Star of Life Award DrRonOstromduring the October 2013 Shift Meetings.

Dr. Ron Ostrom serves as the Medical Director for Hall Ambulance and Hall Critical Care transport.  While his regular duties include advising Mr. Hall and the management staff on various issues and participating in quality assurance activities, he has given of his own time to make Hall Ambulance a stronger company.

Since coming to Hall Ambulance in 2006, Dr. Ostrom has become been actively engaged in daily operations as well as helping direct the future.  He participates on the Continuing Quality Improvement committee.  He has overseen the creation of many Critical Care Transport protocols and reviews records for proper use of protocols and for proper use of air resources.  He is certified as an instructor in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support.  He regularly teaches segments in both courses.

Dr. Ostrom provides ongoing education on head injuries to coaches and athletic directors of Kern High School District schools during Hall Ambulance’s annual head injury syposium.  He has volunteered his time every weekend during the football season to serve as the team doctor for Centennial High School for three years and is now the team doctor for Liberty High School.

Dr. Ostrom regularly makes time to coach and teach paramedics in the Emergency Room when a patient is handed off, as well as in a one on one setting.

Dr. Ostrom has continually distinguished himself as an integral part of the Hall Ambulance team and is a credit to himself, Hall Ambulance and EMS.

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