Eddie Searfoss & David Konieczny

Paramedic Supervisor Eddie Searfoss and Paramedic Supervisor David Knoieczny worked together to aid a family when the husband fell in while traveling through Kern County.  The husband was transported to the hospital after a sudden onset of significant medical symptoms. Over the next 24 hours the two Supervisors teamed up to provide transportation to and from the hospital (30 minutes each way) and words of encouragement to the victim’s wife while she waited for family to arrive from Ohio. At one point the wife also needed medical attention and she was escorted to the hospital and then to the pharmacy to fill a prescription.   The actions of the two Supervisors went above and beyond the call of duty and clearly demonstrated the spirit of the Star of Life award.  Searfoss started his career at Hall Ambulance in 2005 as an EMT, was sponsored to Paramedic School and has continued to grow his leadership skills. Konieczny came to Hall Ambulance in 2007 as a Paramedic and quickly demonstrated a caring attitude to his customers.



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