EMT Allen Swerdfeger

Hall EMT Allen Swerdfeger_DSC_4280On September 9, 2015 at 5:56 p.m., Paramedic Mark Gonzcar, and EMT Allen Swerdfeger were dispatched in Tehachapi for a choking. The crew arrived on scene at 5:59 p.m. The crew entered the home to find a 75-year-old female choking, cyanotic, with agonal respirations and a weak pulse.

The Heimlich maneuver was attempted without success. An attempt to visualize the obstruction was not successful. Cyanosis worsened and the patient lost pulses.  CPR was initiated. Another attempt was made to visualize the obstruction. This time, Paramedic Gonzcar was able to clear the airway. CPR continued during transport to the hospital. During the transport, skin signs improved and the patient started to bite down on the oral airway. Shortly after arrival at the Emergency Department, the patient was sitting up in bed able to share her story with the crew.

Paramedic Gonzcar and EMT Swerdfeger were awarded the Hall Ambulance Start of Life and now the California Ambulance Association Star of Life for their quick response and actions, which led to a life being saved.

Paramedic Mark Gonzcar started his career at Hall Ambulance as an EMT in February 2008. His efforts as an EMT were rewarded with 100% sponsorship in the paramedic-training program, earning his license in 2013. He currently serves in the mountain community of Tehachapi.

EMT Allen Swerdfeger enrolled in the Hall Ambulance EMT Academy in 2008. After working in the Bakersfield 911 system for several years, he transferred to the Hall Critical Care Transport team. In 2015, he returned to Ambulance operations and currently serves in the mountain community of Tehachapi.

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