EMT Bill Dietz

BillDietz-Star of Life 2-10-15Hall Ambulance Founder & President Harvey L. Hall honored EMT Bill Dietz, with the Company’s Star of Life Award, during the 2015 Employee Recognition Awards on February 10, 2015.

On April 8, 2014, EMT Bill Dietz was at Memorial Hospital cleaning his assigned ambulance after completing a call, while his paramedic partner was inside the hospital.
Suddenly, a car pulled onto the ambulance ramp with a woman in active labor.  Dietz immediately stepped in to help, finding a baby that was presenting in a breech delivery.  He reached out and turned the baby allowing for a safe delivery into his arms.

Supervisor Arnold Thomas arrived at this point and took the baby from Dietz as he was not quite done.  He then coached mom through a normal delivery of baby number two.
Dietz was nominated for his Star of Life by Thomas, who wrote, “Throughout the entire situation, Mr. Dietz, remained calm, cool and collected. His BLS skills were above exemplary and led to the delivery of a healthy baby girl.”

Dietz’s accomplishment also makes him eligible for nomination as a California Ambulance Association Star of Life, which is presented during ceremonies at the State Capitol in Sacramento, this spring.

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