George Baker & Mike Grissom

George Baker

Paramedic, Field Save

George Baker started his career with Hall Ambulance in July of 1999 after several years with another provider. He has worked in the busy Metro Bakersfield 911 system since his employment began. Along with his Paramedic duties George works as a Preceptor assisting with training Paramedic Interns and new employees. George is receiving his Star of Life for his leadership and care provided during a cardiac arrest early Christmas morning 2010. While most of us were sound asleep George and his crew were dispatched to a patient complaining of chest pain. George and his crew found a man unconscious, pulseless with a non life sustaining heart rhythm and not breathing. They initiated CPR and provided Advanced Life Support care to include an ECG, Endotracheal Intubation, IV, and Medication Administration. Within minutes of ALS intervention they witnessed the return of spontaneous circulation and handed off care to the staff in the Emergency Department. The patient was discharged home. Paramedic Baker’s leadership was a vital piece in the chain of survival as from the initial 911 call to arrival at the hospital was less than 30 minutes. Along with a Star of Life Paramedic Baker will be honored by the Bakersfield Chapter of the American Red Cross as a real Home Town Hero.

Mike Grissom

EMT, Field Save

Mike Grissom was hired with no EMS experience and enrolled in the Hall Ambulance EMT Academy in November of 2005. He completed training and was promoted to EMT in early 2006. For the last several years he has been partnered with Paramedic Kevin McClanahan. Every good Paramedic has a good EMT next to them. EMT Grissom has proven his value as an EMT time and again through his customer satisfaction scores and his skills as an EMT. EMT Grissom is recognized for his assistance to Paramedic McClanahan during a cardiac arrest save. EMT Grissom assisted with preparing the patient for transport and then provided a stable, safe environment as he transported Paramedic McClanahan and the patient more than 20 miles to the nearest hospital.

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