Jeff Bunn and Mark Moyes, MIS Division

Jeff BunnHall Ambulance Founder and President Harvey L. Hall, presented Jeff Bunn and Mark Moyes, with a Hall Ambulance Star of Life, during the February 2014 Shift Meetings.

Nearly every facet of Hall Ambulance Service relies on computer technology, requiring an adept team of information technology specialists who are able to troubleshoot any number of issues that arise over a given day. 

On December 1, the duo of Jeff Bunn and Mark Moyes rose to the occasion taking the reins of the MIS Division without skipping a heart beat.  Working cooperatively, but each with their own areas of expertise, they have elevated the customer service and knowledge expertise of their division. 

They have rotated their responsibilities as MIS On-Call over the weekends, holidays, and evenings.  They display a whatever it takes attitude, as evidenced by Moyes, who recently responded to POST 1 at 4 a.m. to troubleshoot a network issue.

Bunn has worked for the Company for five years, while Moyes joined the team just short of a year ago.














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