Mark Corum, Director of Media Services

Mark received the Hall Ambulance Founders Award for Management Excellence for his commitment to promoting and protecting the Hall Ambulance brand.  He serves as Hall Ambulance’s Director of Media Services and has been affiliated with the Company since 1996.

He is responsible for producing the Company’s newsletter, The HallMark, maintaining the Company website:, and its social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  He designs all collateral materials in-house, including brochures, advertising, banners, event backdrops and displays.

Mark leads Hall Ambulance’s media relations efforts, which included generating more than 30 positive news stories in 2016.

Mark created a number of materials in celebration of Hall Ambulance’s 45th Anniversary, which occurred on February 10, 2016, including the commemorative logo, a 24-page tabloid insert that was published in The Bakersfield Californian, and designed the new unit branding for the anniversary ambulances.

He served as project manager for a 9’x60’ mural painted by artist Chuck Caplinger, which depicts the milestones of Harvey L. Hall and his company- a pioneer of California’s modern EMS system.

Mark developed the stage backdrop and brochure for Harvey L. Hall’s presentation at the Californian Ambulance Association’s Annual Convention in Lake Tahoe, entitled “How to Achieve Inspiring Leadership Results with Experience and Passion”.

As part of Mayor Hall’s legacy project, Mark served as author of the 304-page coffee table book entitled, Bakersfield: It’s The People, And A Whole Lot More.

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