Matt Millwee, EMT and Rafael Prieto, Paramedic

RaphaelPrieto2 MattMilweeHall Ambulance Founder and President Harvey L. Hall, presented EMT Matt Millwee and Paramedic Rafael Prieto with a Hall Ambulance Star of Life, during the October 2013 Shift Meetings.

Millwee and Prieto are assigned to the Frazier Park station.  While completing daily station duties, someone from a neighboring business approached them and asked for help– a customer in a sandwich shop was not breathing.  The EMS system was activated and Millwee made his way into the business where he found a man on the floor, not breathing after choking on food.  The Heimlich maneuver and manual suction was used to clear the airway.  The patient began to breathe on his own.  Supportive ALS care was completed during transport to a landing zone where the patient was handed off to the Medevac 1 Flight Crew. The patient was transported to the hospital by the Medevac crew and subsequently discharged home with no deficits.

The quick actions and team work were key is saving a life. Millwee and Prieto are representative of many Hall Ambulance EMTs and Paramedics. They are a credit to themselves, Hall Ambulance and EMS.

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