Miguel DeSouza, EMT and Adalberto Salazar, Paramedic

Hall Ambulance Founder & President Harvey L. Hall, presented EMT Miguel DeSouza and Paramedic Adalberto Salazar, with a Company Star of Life, during the February 2014 Shift Meetings.

On November 22, 2013, Paramedic Salazar and EMT DeSouza were involved in a rare pair of calls while staffing an Advanced Life Support Unit in Lamont. At 0523, the crew was dispatched to a home for a woman in labor. Upon their arrival they found a woman in active labor with the head and shoulders already visible. The airway and nose were suctioned as mom completed the delivery at 0530. The new baby was stimulated and wrapped in a blanket. The cord was clamped and cut and transport of mom and her new baby was started. Supportive care was provided during transport to the hospital. At 0730 Paramedic Salazar and EMT DeSouza cleared the hospital and started the trip back to Lamont for shift change. While driving down Union Avenue, they were dispatched to a call for a woman in labor. Upon arrival, they found a woman in active labor. They coached the new mom through delivery, suctioned the new baby’s airway, dried and stimulated the baby and clamped and cut the cord. The baby delivered at 0739. Mom and the new baby were loaded in the ambulance and transported to the hospital. Many EMTs and paramedics will never have the opportunity to help one mom deliver in the field let alone two in two hours. The training and calm demeanor of Paramedic DeSouza and EMT DeSouza were instrumental in helping two moms welcome their new babies into the world.


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