Nathan Kennedy & Kevin McClanahan

Nathan Kennedy

Paramedic, Paramedic of the Year, Community Service

Nathan started his career in EMS as an Explorer serving several years in the Hall Ambulance Explorer Post. In 2004 he was hired to stock ambulances in preparation for their daily deployment into the 911 response system. Later in 2004 he was promoted to EMT and moved from stocking ambulances to staffing an ambulance. In 2007 Paramedic Kennedy completed Paramedic School and has since worked in the busy Bakersfield 911 system. He currently serves as a Paramedic Preceptor and assists with helping Paramedic interns and new employees learn the Hall Way of providing service. Paramedic Kennedy is the Hall Ambulance Paramedic of the Year for 2010. He was selected for this honor in recognition of his continued commitment to volunteerism in our community. Paramedic Kennedy remains an active participant in the Hall Ambulance Explorer Post and logs hundreds of hours each year giving back time to the youth at his church.

Kevin McClanahan

President’s Award/ Field Save

Kevin McClanahan started his EMS career in another state. Paramedic McClanahan came to Hall Ambulance while searching for a community to serve as a Paramedic and though his church. In 2005 he made the move to Bakersfield and Hall Ambulance. Paramedic McClanahan is the 2010 President’s Award for Customer Service recipient at Hall Ambulance. The recipient of this prestigious award is the EMT or Paramedic that best demonstrates quality customer service on a regular basis. In addition Paramedic McClanahan was instrumental in the field save of a patient that went into cardiac arrest. Paramedic McClanahan recognized a life threatening cardiac rhythm and provided advanced life support care including 12 Lead ECG, Endotracheal Intubation, Defibrillation and Medication Administration resulting in the patient being discharged from the hospital.

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