Paramedic Keith Kinsella

Paramedic Keith Hall Paramedic Keith Kinsella_DSC_4558Kinsella is a four-year veteran at Hall Ambulance, where he serves as a paramedic in a very busy Bakersfield 911 system. In addition to his paramedic duties, he serves as a field training officer, helping new employees understand what it takes to be a successful member of the Hall Ambulance family.

In 2015, Paramedic Kinsella completed the first ever Hall Ambulance Field Supervisor Academy, followed by a 240-hour Paramedic Supervisor Internship.

Paramedic Kinsella was awarded the Paramedic of the Year Award for his dedication to Hall Ambulance and the communities served by the Company. Each Paramedic was evaluated based on patient satisfaction, response times, hospital off load times, total calls completed, attendance, quality assurance ratings, and willingness to grow.

Paramedic Kinsella ranked at or near the top in all statistical categories earning him the Paramedic of the Year for 2015 and a nomination as a California Ambulance Association Star of Life.

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