Paramedic William Jaeger

Hall Paramedic William Jaeger_DSC_4171On the morning of May 4, 2015, a Hall Ambulance Advanced Life Support Ambulance staffed by Paramedic William Jaeger, EMT Eric Castro and EMT David Allard cleared Bakersfield Memorial Hospital after dropping off a patient. They were assigned a post, or staging location, in another part of Bakersfield.  As the crew approached the intersection of 34th Street and San Dimas Street, they saw a man lying on the ground.

The crew stopped to check on the man. Upon examination, they found the man to be unconscious, not breathing and pulseless.

The crew immediately started CPR then notified the Hall Ambulance Communications Center. A Bakersfield Fire Department Engine Company was started to the scene to assist with manpower.

The crew placed defibrillation pads on the chest, along with a See-Thru CPR compression sensor. Paramedic Jaeger found the patient’s heart in ventricular fibrillation and delivered three shocks. An airway was secured, an IV was established, and medications administered according to Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Kern County EMS protocols.

Transport was initiated to the Emergency Department at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital. By the time the patient was delivered to the Emergency Department the patient was starting to breath on his own.

Bakersfield Memorial Hospital staff took over care and after several days of cardiac care at Memorial Hospital, the patient, Dr. Jeffrey Child, was released from care and was present when the Hall Ambulance Star of Life was presented to the crew. They are nominated for a California Ambulance Association Star of Life in recognition of their quick actions that saved the life of Dr. Child.

Paramedic William Jaeger was hired by Hall Ambulance in May 2014. He works in the Bakersfield 911 system.

Paramedic Eric Castro was hired in September 2014. He currently serves the mountain community of Frazier Park.

EMT David Allard started his career at Hall Ambulance in May 2015. He currently serves in the Bakersfield 911 system.

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