Rod Castillo, Relief Paramedic Supervisor

Rod received the President’s Award for Customer Service, and Relief Paramedic Supervisor of the Year, for 2016. The President’s Award is given to the EMT, paramedic or Registered Nurse that best demonstrates empathy, compassion and a caring attitude towards our customers.

Rod is a paramedic relief supervisor assigned to the Metro Bakersfield 911 system. During 2016, Rod completed more than 1,000 transports, worked more than 100 shifts as a supervisor and earned more commendations from customers than any other provider. Customers comment repeatedly that he treated them with great care and made sure they were comfortable during transport and upon arrival at the hospital.

The role of a relief paramedic supervisor is one of the toughest jobs in EMS. One day you are working as a paramedic then the next you are a supervisor then back to paramedic. Rod has a unique gift in his ability to communicate with peers, subordinates, supervisors, and patients.

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