Sebastian Chavez & Brandon McNamara

Sebastian Chavez

EMT, Field Save

Sebastian Chavez came to Hall Ambulance in June of 2010 relocating from the Los Angeles area. Sebastian is assigned to the Metro Bakersfield 911 system. EMT Chavez is recognized for his efforts as part of an Advanced Life Support Ambulance crew that saved a man’s life on Christmas morning 2010. The EMT is often overlooked when recognizing Paramedics for their efforts. EMT Chavez’s supportive efforts to prepare equipment and coordinate patient movement and transportation was vital in the chain of survival. Providing a stable and safe environment for the Paramedic and patient can truly make the difference and in this case all parts of the team worked together to provide the care needed to save a life.

Brandon McNamara

Paramedic, Field Save

Paramedic McNamara is a new Paramedic having just completed his training in January of 2011 and received his Paramedic license in March of 2011 . Prior to obtaining his Paramedic license he served as an EMT starting in May 2007. Paramedic McNamara is recognized for his efforts in a cardiac arrest field save.  Paramedic McNamara was working as a Paramedic Intern under the leadership and direction of Paramedic George Baker during a cardiac arrest early in the morning on Christmas day 2010. Paramedic McNamara assisted Paramedic Baker with recognizing the need for immediate Advanced Life Support care. They initiated CPR and provided Advanced Life Support care to include an ECG, Endotracheal Intubation, IV, and Medication Administration. Paramedic McNamara acted as a veteran beyond his years of training resulting in a positive patient outcome.

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